I swear, everything is Dalton

Yesterday in double History we were going over our nice little timelines and I honestly was trying to pay attention, and I was highlighting important stuff, and my teacher mentioned the switch of “British dynasties” and so I highlighted all the different ruling families. One was Stuart and I was like, okay, common enough name. BUT THEN THE NEXT ONE WAS HANOVER. My focus was sufficiently shot. So then I freaked out scrawling Dalton things in the margins and I noticed that the first Stuart King was named Charles and he got his head chopped off. Chaz! Just as I was gaining control again, she started talking about King Charles I and she actually said, “Off with his head!” and I was completely gone again. "Off with his head!!" 

So this is what I learned in history: 

In the reign of the Stuarts, Chaz gets his head cut off, and eventually the Hanovers take over. 

Everything is Dalton and everything’s way more entertaining that way.